Foundations that support breast cancer in Mexico

In this month of awareness about breast cancer we must know which are the places where they offer studies to prevent this disease, as well as treatments and making donations to support women who struggle every day.

Fucam Foundation

Institution formed for 20 years and is dedicated to transforming lives, since every day it is committed to the health of Mexican women, to whom they provide a unique care model in the country making strategic alliances with other foundations to reduce morbidity rates. Among the services they offer are radiotherapy, surgeries, chemotherapy, nuclear medicine and hormone therapy, among others.

CIMA Foundation

Its mission is to contribute to the reduction of mortality from breast cancer in Mexico, through lines of action such as education, information, service to patients and incidents in public policies. This institution has had almost 1,000 promoters and health personnel trained to give workshops on this disease, benefiting more than 6,000 women and donating more than 1,300 prosthetics, wigs and turbans.

ALMA Foundation

In this place they perform breast reconstruction surgeries on women survivors of cancer and to this day they have a bank of external prostheses, a project that was named Mom’s Bra, which invites self-exploration from an early age and genetic research in conjunction with the UNAM, granting prostheses to women who no longer want to undergo reconstruction surgery.

Nani + Agi Foundation

The objective of this institution is to improve patients’ self-esteem through beauty buying certificates to give away kits of beauty, as well as donation of time, money and makeup in kind. In its website and social networks publish tips of beauty, health and motivational phrases. They are working together with FUCAM to have medical support.

Pink cross

Support poor women who are diagnosed with cancer and their families in a specialized shelter where they are offered accommodation, food, psychological and spiritual care, as well as recreational activities so that they can face their situation in a positive way and with life expectancy. They have modules installed in health institutions.

United with you

This foundation is aimed at women who need financial help to pay for treatments, consultations with specialists, cancer studies, medications and emotional support according to the needs of each one, highlighting a healthy diet, which is a key factor in the recovery of a patient. Provide an electronic wallet so that women who require it, can acquire adequate food for their nutrition for a specified time.

Santos y de la Garza Evia Foundation

Through periodic self-examination of the breasts (at least once a month), physical examination, mammography (x-ray of the breast), ultrasound, blood study and biopsy, said foundation seeks channel women for diagnosis in the different associations that exist. You can go to this institution, which unites causes in a single inclusive movement at the national level.

Radiodiagnosis and Imaging Center

Here, top-notch technology is offered 3D mammography-tomosynthesis in all his patients and complementary studies with ultrasound and magnetic resonance, all this under the supervision of an experienced team of technicians and radiological doctors with certification in mammary gland diagnosis.



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