Forgetting’Goal Bad Luck’… Tomorrow’s 13th goal re-challenge

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Sports news on Saturday night.

Tottenham’s Son Heung-min, who unfortunately failed to score in the last game, will re-challenge the league’s 13th goal tomorrow night against Sheffield.

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The goalkeeper’s successive saves in the last Fulham match… Son Heung-min, who swallowed regret due to the bad luck of the goal.

But soon he returned to the original Son Heung-min.

Throughout the training with my colleagues, I laughed loudly and led the atmosphere of the training ground ahead of Sheffield.

Sheffield, facing tomorrow, is the lowest team in the league with just one win this season.

Tottenham, who has been pushed back to 6th place, is a must-hold opponent in order to enter the leading competition again.

It is also an important match for Son Heung-min, who is pursuing the goal leader Sala by one goal.

In the last season’s two face-to-face matches, we raised all of the attack points with 1 goal and 1 help, so we look forward to a great performance this time.

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