Seoul National University’s Department of Dentistry: I apologize for the exposure of my beautiful old photos than Kim Tae Hee-Entertainment-China Times News

The 51-year-old Korean dentist and beauty witch Li Xiuzhen, with a frozen face and hot body, became a popular Internet celebrity. IG attracted more than 140,000 fans to follow. Sure enough, Li Xiuzhen can’t escape the fact that there are many popular rights and wrongs. She confidently claimed in the film a few days ago that she is more beautiful than the actress Kim Tae Hee who also graduated from Seoul University. Old photos, questioning where she is confident.

Kim Tae Hee is a well-known natural beauty in the Korean entertainment industry. Not only is she born rich and wealthy, her father Kim Yoo-moon is the chairman of the well-known logistics company “Korea Express”. She has excellent grades as a student and has a high degree in the Fashion Design Department of Seoul National University.

The 51-year-old beautiful witch dentist Kim Soo-jin is confident that she is more beautiful than Kim Tae-hee. (Taken from Jin Xiuzhen IG)

Lee Soo-jin, who graduated from the Department of Dentistry at Seoul National University, recently filmed with her daughter. She talked about her younger sister Kim Tae-hee. She confidently said that in her days, when people mentioned Seoul University, they would think of the name Lee Soo-jin. Kim Tae Hee is still pretty.

The old photos of Kim Soo-jin in college were taken up and publicly apologized to Kim Tae-hee.  (Taken from Kim Soo Jin YouTube)
The old photos of Kim Soo-jin in college were taken up and publicly apologized to Kim Tae-hee. (Taken from Kim Soo Jin YouTube)

Lee Soo-jin’s remarks of “beautiful to Kim Tae-hee” quickly fermented on the Korean website. Netizens began to take photos of her college days and questioned them in an online PO article. “. In response to this, in addition to posting related articles on the social website PO, Li Xiuzhen apologized to Kim Tae-hee, and filmed a film with her daughter again. In response to the disturbance, her daughter joked, “It’s shameful, it’s an ugly family.” She said she had no face to see. People.

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