For us, the war in Ukraine is just a rehearsal VIDEO

A Russian professor of political science has warned that the war in Ukraine could simply be a “rehearsal” for a bigger conflict, allowing the Russian military to test its firepower and compare it to NATO weapons.

On TV, Alexei Fenenko of Moscow State University and a research associate at the Institute for International Security Studies said:

“I think the war in Ukraine is a rehearsal for a possible bigger conflict in the future. We are testing our weapons against those of NATO to see how much stronger we are than them,” he said.

“This could be a good experience for future conflicts,” he added, before talk show host Olga Skabeeva intervened: “This is a terrible experiment.”

During the war in Ukraine, Russia used 13 weapons for the first time, most of them with tanks and heavy artillery. Moscow also released for the first time Dagger Hypersonic Missilewhich hits a target at a distance of over 2000 km.

Many experts believe that weapons cannot be intercepted by air defense systems because of their extreme maneuverability. Missiles can change altitude and direction at extremely high speeds.

Russia has also successfully tested a Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile, which NATO calls “Satan II”.

Russian television has repeatedly threatened “enemy” countries, with Sarmat, which is believed to be able to destroy an entire country and fly 18,000 kilometers, which would threaten the United States.

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