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Football Leverage®: The Key to Mental Strength Training for Soccer Players in the DA-CH Area

Altendorf (ots) –

More and more soccer players in the DA-CH area are using the app to train their mental strength.

Since 2019, the Swiss Apalanca GmbH has been offering mental training for the new football generation under the name Football Leverage® with its innovative app and close, long-term support. The application was developed to promote a still underestimated factor in football: mental strength. The scientific background is the knowledge that in top-level sport mental training determines success at least as much as physical fitness. Football Leverage® is now an integral part of the careers of young talents and established professionals – and the number of players is increasing from season to season.

What football talents can learn from a header monster

Preliminary round out! After the World Cup debacle of the German footballers in Qatar, the national players were also hit at the Women’s World Cup in 2023. The team seemed hesitant, the performance was unsteady, the atmosphere was not harmonious. Before Martina Voss-Tecklenburg was fired as national coach last November, Horst Hrubesch took on the role of interim coach for the second time since 2018. And lo and behold: Under his leadership, the German women fought their way into the final tournament of the Nations League and are now keeping their chance at the 2024 Olympic Games in the semi-final against France on February 23rd. Where does this quick turnaround come from?

Midfielder Sydney Lohmann says von Hrubesch “stands up and just gives us this belief, this feeling that we (…) are unbeatable when we perform at our best.” Defender Giulia Gwinn added: “Every player has a smile on their faces. As a collective we can achieve a lot on the pitch. At the moment I have no doubts.” And as always, top scorer Alexandra Popp sums it up: “Horst gives us a very good feeling.” – Self-confidence, fun, security. – It is neither physical fitness nor strategic understanding alone that leads to success on the pitch, but rather the attitude with which you step onto it. The fact that Hrubesch was also called a “header monster” during his playing days takes on a whole new meaning.

What separates real champions from the good average

For Horst Hrubesch, this head strength may be instinct, composure and experience. The goal of Football Leverage® and its app is to help you find football players in a professional manner. An expert team of mental coaches uses the digital tool to provide long-term online and personal support to over 800 participants. They rely on a combination of mentoring and training programs, the modules of which are tailored to individual needs.

The collaboration is designed for the long term. Your goal is to solve current challenges, but even more so to prevent future difficulties such as a drop in motivation, setbacks or fear of failure, so that they can be avoided or at least quickly dealt with. Those who are prepared in this way find it easier to hold their own under pressure, to deliver consistently high performance, to perform with joy and self-confidence and to set themselves apart from competitors. On average, mental strength improves by 25 percent after one year thanks to Football Leverage®.

This is important because the expectation of performance in football from clubs and the public increases from the youth classes onwards and puts immense pressure on those active in professional leagues. At a correspondingly high sporting level, everyone is equally trained in tactics, has the same high-quality material and uses identical training methods. The only factor that separates champions from the chaff is superior mental constitution. Nevertheless, most footballers currently invest less than five percent of their training time in developing attitude and personality.

Nico De Villa’s vision is to make such attitude training an elementary part of football, comparable to strength training. After training as a sports mental trainer in 2016, he had to realize that his discipline in football was far from being given the importance it deserved. The desired mind-performance leverage effect is lost. Without further ado, De Villa founded Apalanca GmbH (Spanish for leverage) together with his close confidant Philippe Raschle in 2019 and launched Football Leverage®. The trained football mental coach Christoph Kleinert was hired in the same year. He has been followed by other specialized coaches to this day. The entire Apalanca team now consists of 20 people who work with a constantly growing influx of ambitious, talented players. The company is the leading provider of football mental training in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Even the Real Madrid football schools trust in the provider: the Fundación Real Madrid Clinics Switzerland has integrated parts of the Football Leverage® mental training concept into its youth work.

It is noteworthy that mental training not only increases athletic performance, but also has a positive effect on character development and personality. The team behind Football Leverage® repeatedly finds that their protégés grow into role models for football-loving children and, thanks to their “mindset”, are ideally equipped for social tasks and professional success outside of their football career.

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