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Internal Sabotage: DYFI’s Human Chain Protest in Alappuzha Under Threat

Alappuzha – It has been complained that an attempt has been made within the party to break the human chain created by the DYFI as a protest against the central government’s stance. The four branch secretaries of the Alappuzha area lodged a complaint with the state secretary MV Govindan pointing out that the leaders in the CPM stronghold in Alappuzha tried to disrupt the programme.

In Kommadi, the party stronghold, the human chain was empty for 150 meters. It is also alleged that the branch secretary beat up the party member who questioned the non-distribution of the notice. According to the complaint, a branch secretary and his family boycotted the event at Thumpoli. Only three people participated in the program from here. It is indicated in the complaint that an attempt was made to destroy the program to make the work of the state committee member in charge of the area secretary a failure.

Alappuzha South and North Area Committees were merged after sectarianism intensified. C.B., a member of the state committee, is in charge of the secretary. It was given to Chandrababu.

Against railway neglect, recruitment ban and financial sanctions, DYFI formed a human chain across Kerala with the slogan ‘Tolerate this central neglect any longer’.

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DYFI’s Human Chain Protest Faces Internal Sabotage in Alappuzha: Branch Secretaries Voice Concerns

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