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Prime Minister Jean Castex has announced new measures for the end of year celebrations, is the fireworks display canceled in Rennes?

The virus Covid19 is still present in France and around the world, in particular with the emergence of the Omicron variant. Vaccination campaigns are still underway to protect populations and more particularly the most vulnerable against the virus. The government is monitoring the situation to avoid further containment and an overflow of hospitals.

The situation for the end of 2021 is alarming since the omicron variant, very contagious, is gaining ground and the Delta variant is still present in France. The increase in figures is worrying so that a health defense council is taking place this Monday, December 27, 2021. The Government recently expressed himself, the Friday, December 17, 2021, following a previous health defense council to take new measures, in particular with the approach of holidays from end of year. These measures concern the organization of traditional fireworks in France for Christmas Eve.

Will the fireworks display on December 31, 2021 take place in Rennes this year?

The prom is canceled at Rennes but the fireworks are for the moment maintained (source). On the other hand, there will be no fireworks in Paris to end the year 2021 in France. This measure is not only applicable to the capital since it is a national measure which concerns all of France. During his speech on December 17, 2021, Jean Castex invited the municipalities to cancel the festivities, including the traditional fireworks display for the end of the year, due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

France is not the only country to take this measure since a large number of countries have also canceled, or modified their festivities for the end of the year 2021 due to the epidemic. Governments around the world do not wish to risk an uncontrollable spread during these consolidations. In addition, we recommend that you be vigilant during the end-of-year celebrations by making yourself regularly tester before reuniting with your loved ones and respecting sanitary measures in force and barrier gestures.

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