Finnish coach of Czech hockey players Jalonen after the victory in Znojmo: I wouldn’t really expect a puck from the players in memory

Were you nervous at the premiere of the Czech national team?

And you know a little yes. It was the first match for me in front of Czech fans, who can make a fantastic atmosphere, but they are also challenging. So I wanted us to succeed. I was glad that the goal song sounded five times in Czech. In the end, the boys gave me a winning puck in my memory in memory, I wouldn’t really expect that from them.

Are you more satisfied with the result or with the game?

I am generally happy with the team’s performance. In particular, the first half of the match was successful, we played briskly and with such energy as the representatives show in training. There were a lot of good substitutions, the players were aggressive. I also liked the defense of the whole five on the ice. But then we lost a little strength and concentration, I will want to discuss the performance in this direction in person.

You played seven power plays and scored only one goal, doesn’t this bother you?

We have to analyze it, we definitely had more chances in numerical advantage than just one. Martin Erat consistently takes care of powerlifters and tries to improve them. For us, the Austrians were quite unknown, but it is important to concentrate on what kind of hockey we play.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Czech forward David Cienciala and his teammates celebrate a 4-0 goal during the preparatory match of the national hockey team.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

You managed the whole match without a single one. Did you put it on the national team?

I wanted to work cleanly with a stick, avoid hooking or chopping, that’s important. If you don’t play weak, you’ll lose one big worry. We really have to be careful what we do with the stick when attacking, so as not to commit fouls that would cost us a match.

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