Film recordings in Oirschot for ‘Ferry’: Extra alongside Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap | Eindhoven

OIRSCHOT – In the center of Oirschot, the filming of the Netflix production ‘Ferry’, a spin-off of the series ‘Undercover’, started on Wednesday afternoon. With celebrities and Oirschot extras. From now on to be referred to as BO’ers, or Békende Oirschottenaren.

Two days of shooting, sixty cast and crew members, on top of that some fifty extras a day and two top actors from Dutch soil are currently around the large tower of the basilica. The residents have to do without bells for a while, they have been stopped.

Village September fair

Although the fairground attractions are not under the chestnut trees and not all attractions have been set up, there seems to be a real village-like September fair at the market in Oirschot. A merry-go-round, cotton candy stall and head-of-jut are set up in front of the town hall and basilica.

In front of the Old Town Hall, the Octopus is patiently waiting for its actors and extras. Tubular structures with lighting and tables and chairs are set up in front of the Donna hair salon. Owner Betty Metzemaekers is one of the extras who have registered. Metzemaekers: ,, Incredibly fun and exciting, film recordings in front of my front door. When we were informed as local residents, I immediately decided to register as an extra. ”

Most viewed series

She reported to the pastor garden yesterday at noon. She also participates on Thursday evening and night. “We are now experiencing something that you can see on TV. Undercover is one of the most viewed series on Netflix, don’t you want to be there? ”

She indicates that everything is very well arranged. “There are beautiful tents in the vicarage garden, we are well looked after with water, fruit, candy and soon there will be soup. The atmosphere in the garden is pleasant, despite the fact that we have to be far apart. We all have to wear masks on the set. ”

Frank Lammers

Actor Frank Lammers reports on the set around 2 p.m., an hour later Elise Schaap walks towards the director in film clothing. Large black screens for correct lighting, film cameras on wheels, boxes and black cables, it is all there.

Location manager for this film is Thijs Bolle. “For these recordings we were looking for an idyllic and typical Brabant village where a fairground setting could be created. Oirschot soon came into view. We have visited several times and it soon became clear that Oirschot was the perfect setting. The municipality was also open to receive us, so the decision was made quickly. ”

Good vibe

He experiences coming to the village like a hot bath. “Everything is running smoothly. It is a very pleasant environment to be at work, with a good vibe. The people are friendly and happy to cooperate. The production is also very lucky with the weather. ”

He says that four different scenes are currently being recorded in Oirschot. “We shoot about five minutes of film on two days.”

Nelleke and Paul Megens from Oirschot have been selected as extras together with their children Floor (10) and Rens (8). The children find it mainly ‘cool’ and Rens told friends that he is a ‘background person’. Nelleke: “It’s fun and well organized. But also a lot of waiting. ”

Oirschot filming location for the movie Ferry in Oirschot. In the photo the black screens that hide the view of the film set © DCI Media

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