Fif’s executive committee denounces Dao Gabala’s actions

Since this Saturday, April 5, 2021, published statements improperly relayed on various channels with the title “AUDIT AT THE FIF, A HOLE OF MORE THAN A BILLION DISCOVERED BY THE STANDARDIZATION COMMITTEE”, have reached us.

This article takes up remarks made by Madame DAO GABALA, president of the standardization committee, which on Saturday April 3, 2021, received people from the press, handpicked by her.

To her guests, the latter declared that “the normalization committee when it took office had difficulties in paying the salaries for the month of February, because the FIF’s coffers were completely empty. The normalization committee found a negative cash flow of more than a billion etc…. That an audit has been commissioned for this purpose and is in progress… ”

The contract between the FIF and the company Canal +, would be mortgaged

During another meeting with the clubs of League 1, Mrs DAO GABALA declared to the clubs that the television rights which have their source in the contract between the FIF and the Canal + company, would be mortgaged by the former leaders of the federation .

These declarations, in that they obviously participate in misinforming and intoxicating public opinion and in particular players in the Ivorian football world, require the following responses from the elected executive committee of the FIF.

1 billion diverted to the FIF?

Regarding the hole of one (1) billion FCFA, the normalization committee is careful not to say what this hole consists of. What does this hole of one billion FCFA represent? Are these sums of money embezzled? That this committee tell Ivorians clearly what this represents, with supporting evidence?

Regarding the FIF coffers, which are said to be empty, the standardization committee has failed in the transparency under which it claims to want to place its governance.

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Indeed when the elected executive committee left the FIF, it left on the main account (the NSIA account), the sum of 80 million FCFA. On another account (BNI account) a sum of FCFA 187 million received from the parafiscal system was left. It is therefore at least a total of CFAF 267 million left in the account available to the standardization committee at the start of its activities. The monthly wage costs (including all categories of workers) of the FIF are around 65 million FCFA. In addition, at the end of February 2021, the FIF received the payment of the parafiscality in the amount of 192 million FCFA.

When the elected executive committee left, the funds left in bank accounts made it possible to easily pay 2 or even 3 months’ salary.

The elected executive committee observes that it is with the same level of resources, without perceiving for 2 years the operational costs of FIFA dedicated to covering the operating costs of the federations, that it has regularly paid the salary costs up to ‘when he left. The executive committee under the leadership of the late President Augustin Sidy DIALLO has not accused any arrears of wages.

Today it is curious to know that with more financial means, since the standardization committee having received from its employer FIFA, the firm assurance of the payment of operational costs which amount to the total sum due, of 1 billion 100 million FCFA, this committee is unable to ensure all salaries.

It is our responsibility that the security company and the maintenance staff are in arrears of wages. Some people receive their salary, and others do not receive it according to a choice and sorting made by the standardization committee.

When this information on the reality of the funds left by the elected FIF executive committee was revealed in the national press in early March 2021, the standards committee went into a grim anger towards the FIF staff.

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Why this anger towards the staff? What does the standardization committee want to hide? Where has this transparency gone that we sang at the top of our lungs on the rooftops? Why is he hiding this information from the public?

As far as television rights are concerned, to speak of their mortgage is for us much more a legal and financial lack of knowledge than anything else. The standardization committee obviously makes amalgamations or confusions between the concepts of mortgage and bank domiciliation. In terms of security, TV rights cannot be the subject of a mortgage (in that they are not buildings) but rather a pledge.

What is involved in the case of the FIF is the bank domiciliation of part of the resources of the FIF with the bank that supported it in carrying out certain operations such as the acquisition of the coach. management. The bank domiciliation is a usual provision applied in the matter of bank financing. It does not prevent the borrower from using his resources. It is not abnormal. Presenting this to the clubs as a management anomaly is either a lack of knowledge of banking mechanisms, or a deliberate desire to damage the reputation of the executive committee of the late President Augustin Sidy DIALLO.

It is important when addressing the public or the press to be clear and precise about the elements of language that you are using. When poorly chosen and inappropriate, they participate in public disinformation.

Finally, the executive committee requires the standardization committee to make a commitment to the entire nation, to make public the audit report that it has commissioned, to send it a copy of said report and transparency of its observations on the conclusions of the said report. The elected executive committee will make every effort to provide the appropriate responses which will also be made public.

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The elected executive committee intends to fully assume its responsibilities to the entire nation and to the active members of the FIF who elected and mandated him.

The elected executive committee is not surprised by the statements of the standardization committee against it. This is probably part of the missions that have been assigned to him. The image of the outgoing executive committee must be tarnished as much as possible. It is also a policy known to all. You have to blame your predecessor (look for a scapegoat) to hide your own shortcomings, your own shortcomings and incapacities.

To finish and be complete, the executive committee will not accept or tolerate any more defamation or attacks on its honor, wherever they come from, and says it is ready to make any reply or even to take legal action. to sanction the authors, co-authors or accomplices of these offenses.

The elected executive committee of the FIF


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