Australian Open men’s and women’s tournaments canceled

The men’s and women’s Australian Open golf tournaments have been canceled due to travel restrictions linked to the coronavirus pandemic, the Australian federation announced Thursday. “This decision was not taken lightly, but we believe it is the right one under the current circumstances”, said Golf Australia President James Sutherland. “The international factor means disastrous changes […]

Gbagbo designs his future party, imbroglio with the former First Lady

Former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo on Tuesday unveiled the members of a committee tasked with reflecting on the contours of his future party, a list in which appears Simone Gbagbo, the former First Lady who says she is “not very inclined” to join this new training. In the list published Tuesday, Ms. Gbagbo was confined […]

the population sensitized on Ebola virus disease

For him, Ebola is a dangerous disease which, if we are not careful, “can decimate part of the population”. This is why he urged everyone to observe preventive measures in order to avoid its spread. At the end of this meeting, it is question, according to the prefect, of the reactivation of the departmental committee […]

Twitter, Facebook, Trump and Chris Yapi; what Alafé Wakili thinks

Reporting on an activity in which he participated on Saturday, June 5, 2021, Alafé Wakili spoke about the sanction of Twitter and Facebook against Trump, Chris Yapi, and social networks in general. Wakili Alafé, journalist, media promoter participated in the panel of the Citizen’s Initiative for Media Education (Icem-Ci), in Abidjan. In the testimony below, […]

Beware of amalgamation (fight against child labor)

Since 2012, several partners have joined the national committee for the monitoring of trafficking, exploitation and child labor (CNS) chaired by First Lady Dominique Ouattara, in its fight against child labor in cocoa plantations in the Côte ivory. Joint actions have resulted in a decline in the phenomenon which should not be confused with children’s […]

CN FIF-Executive Committee leaving the war of press releases on one billion F CFA

In recent days, a war of press releases covering more than one billion F CFA has been raging between the Standardization Committee of the FIF and the Executive Committee coming out of the same structure. It all started with a very discreet press conference (handpicked journalists) of the Standardization Committee on Saturday April 3, 2021 […]

Fif’s executive committee denounces Dao Gabala’s actions

Since this Saturday, April 5, 2021, published statements improperly relayed on various channels with the title “AUDIT AT THE FIF, A HOLE OF MORE THAN A BILLION DISCOVERED BY THE STANDARDIZATION COMMITTEE”, have reached us. This article takes up remarks made by Madame DAO GABALA, president of the standardization committee, which on Saturday April 3, […]

Death of singer Thione Seck, one of the “lords” of Senegalese music

Singer and lyricist Thione Seck, one of the lords of Senegalese music for forty years, died Sunday at the age of 66 in Dakar, we learned from his lawyer, Ousmane Seye. Former singer of the legendary Baobab Orchestra and founder of the group “Raam Daam”, Thione Seck was one of the most famous musicians in […]

return to the “ECOWAS Ring” where Alassane Ouattara and Alpha Condé were abused

It was Umaru Sissoco Embaló who was the first to respond by delivering the first salvos against Alassane Ouattara and Alpha Condé. He considered that a coup d’etat is inevitably reprehensible. But, he continued, if we are to condemn a coup, we must condemn all coups, without exception. To this end, the unconstitutional third term […]

Macky and Ouattara don’t speak the same language

Crisis in Mali: Macky and Ouattara do not speak the same language ECOWAS heads of state are divided on the management of the Malian crisis after the coup against Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta. But, Macky Sall and Alassane Ouattara do not emit on the same wavelength about the sanctions against Mali. According to EnQuête, if the […]