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Fatigue is ‘sprouted’, immunity is ‘sprouted’… December seasonal food

Seasonal food in December relieves fatigue and boosts winter immunity. [사진=클립아트코리아]

It’s the end-of-year season, and with the cold weather and more year-end gatherings and drinking parties, it’s easy for your immune system to weaken. As gatherings increase, overeating and drinking become more frequent, and our bodies become exhausted and fatigued, making us vulnerable to various diseases. Find out about seasonal foods in December that are full of nutrients that relieve fatigue and boost winter immunity.

Scallops > Amino acids and taurine activate liver function

Scallops are a low-calorie food good for winter diet, with 80 kcal per 100g. It is low in cholesterol, rich in protein and minerals, and rich in various nutrients such as calcium, leucine, and lysine. In particular, it contains sulfur-containing amino acids that help relieve fatigue and activate liver function, and taurine helps prevent cardiovascular disease by lowering blood cholesterol. Fresh scallops have shiny shells, but be careful if the shells are open before cooking because they are dead and spoiled. Also, it is refreshing to see the flesh shrink when the skin is lightly tapped.


Mackerel > Taurine helps relieve fatigue and is rich in vitamin D

Seasonal mackerel is rich in nutrients and helps protect immunity in winter. In particular, it is rich in DHA, which helps brain development, prevents dementia, and improves memory. Additionally, it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids EPA and Omega 3, making it excellent for preventing cardiovascular disease. Taurine helps recover from fatigue, and it is also rich in vitamin D, which is easily deficient in winter. The flesh of mackerel is particularly white and soft. It is a fish that is easy to eat even for patients who have difficulty swallowing food, the elderly or children with weak teeth, and is good for cooking by stewing, steaming, or grilling.

◆ Tangerine > Sour citric acid helps relieve fatigue and promote metabolism

Sweet and sour seasonal tangerines are the best fruit for recovering from winter fatigue. In particular, citric acid, a sour ingredient, has the effect of promoting metabolism, relieving fatigue and purifying the blood. Additionally, tangerine, which is attached like thread to the outside of tangerine flesh, is rich in hesperidin. This helps vitamin C to suppress free radicals that age cells and promote blood circulation. When tangerines are stored, mold easily forms, which can cause allergies such as hives and rashes. Any tangerines that have even the slightest bit of mold should be thrown away.


◆ Yuzu > Rich in vitamin C, promotes collagen production

Winter seasonal yuzu is rich in vitamin C, which promotes collagen production. This interferes with the secretion of lactic acid, helping to recover from fatigue and relieve stress. In particular, flavonoids are excellent at preventing aging and improving wrinkles. Pectin promotes blood circulation. Vitamin C from citron is weak to light or heat. Yuzu should be enjoyed raw and fresh for better nutritional intake. It is good to drink citron syrup, or slice citron thinly and add it to carbonated water with honey. Additionally, yuzu can be used as a natural air freshener if you slice it thinly, dry it thoroughly, and put it in a cotton bag.

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