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The West’s Support for Ukraine: Czech President Warns of Favorable Conditions for Russia

If the West weakens its support for Ukraine, then next year will be more favorable for Russia, says Czech President Petr Pavel.

Source: “European truth“with reference to Pavel’s interview with Corriere della Sera

Direct speech from the President of the Czech Republic: “We have no choice but to give Ukraine everything it needs to fulfill its task of regaining sovereignty and control over its borders. Any less assistance would be our defeat.”

Details: He emphasized that as president he assesses the situation regarding the war in Ukraine not only from a military point of view, but also from the point of view of principles.

Pavel is convinced that a Russian victory would strengthen the idea that other regimes can achieve their goals by force and that they can rely on the weakness of Western democracies.

The Czech President believes that next year will be even more difficult for Ukraine, and the coming winter will be a significant test: “It will be difficult for the population, and with the indecisiveness of the countries that now support Ukraine, the feeling of disappointment will grow. And naturally, this creates a situation that will not very favorable for the continuation of counter-offensive operations.”

He is also confident that the winter will give Russia, which has already managed to transform its industry on a war footing, time to recover. Pavel recalled that the Russians are producing much more large-caliber ammunition, more tanks, and recruiting more soldiers. They are also negotiating with several countries about supplies.

Direct speech from the Czech President: “If we miss the opportunity to maintain our support for Ukraine, next year could be even more favorable for Moscow. This year is key to laying the foundations for success, next year will be more difficult.”


Latvian President Edgars Rinkevics believes that Moscow really may become aggressive against the countries of NATO’s eastern flank in the future, if it perceives the outcome of the war in Ukraine as its victory. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he expects the Ukrainian Armed Forces to make progress in the fight against Russian occupiers, but warns that “We must prepare for a long journey.”

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