Fatal accident in Winterthur. 27-year-old buried alive at construction site

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27-year-old worker buried in excavation and dies

During construction work in Winterthur, a worker died in an accident. He descended into a ditch, and a little later its walls collapsed. The sliding earth buried the 27-year-old man.


A construction worker was killed on a construction site on Thursday. He was buried in a pit.

A 27-year-old construction worker was fatally injured in an accident on a construction site in Winterthur on Thursday morning. He had been buried by an unsecured ditch.

The 27-year-old worker fell several meters when the side walls slipped and buried him, according to Zurich cantonal police on Friday communicated.

The work colleague of the casualty and the police officers who had been called had to stop the first rescue attempt because the risk of further masses of earth sliding off was too great.

Another construction company then came to the rescue with a suction excavator and shoring walls to secure the pit. They could only salvage the dead worker. The police are now investigating how the accident happened.

The buried worker could only be recovered dead.

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