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Fasting: How safe is this new trend to lose weight?

Fasting alternates periods of fasting with lapses of food intake, so there is still nutrient absorption

The desire to lose weight generates new ones every day techniques and diets that are not always safe for us. The fasting It is one of these young trends, and in this article we will address it to determine if it is a safe and effective way to lose weight or not.

What is fasting?

According to Nomad, fasting is a diet that consists of alternate periods of absence of food intake with lapses of food consumption. During fasting, the person can consume coffee, unsweetened green tea and water.

You can lose weight with this diet because meals are sectioned in a short time, which generates a caloric deficit that reduces the weight in our body. It is not a regime to stop eating altogether, so continue to absorb nutrients.

Fasting Risks

It is an effective method to lose weight, but fasting is associated with health risks and to problems in your digestive system if you are not guided by a specialist. In the long term, fasting can deprive the body of adequate food, and will decrease the feeling of satiety.

It is possible that a poorly implemented fasting drives people to seek satisfaction in cigarettes and excessive consumption of nicotine, both phenomena being quite harmful to the body.

Nutritionists agree that fasting is a feeding regime compatible with short objectives term, but what is it difficult and not recommended to prolong it due to its consequences in food absorption.

Like any new trend, the feasibility and efficacy associated with fasting with a view to weight loss have not yet been thoroughly studied, so we advise you to approach carefully and seek advice from nutrition experts in order not to harm your health.

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