The Government’s Plan for Pension Indexation in 2024: Impact on Retirement and Disability Benefits

The Government’s Plan for Pension Indexation in 2024: Impact on Retirement and Disability Benefits

Pension issues seem to be in constant flux. In particular, the indexation of retirement and disability benefits is a topic of frequent discussion. This is especially important at a time when inflation remains high and each additional zloty seems to be extremely important in the context of monthly benefits. What will change this time? What changes is the government planning?


There is more and more speculation that pensions will be increased by the inflation rate. This results from the draft regulation of the Council of Ministers. You can find information that pensions and pensions are planned to be increased by a minimum. What does this even mean? Minimum in this sense means an increase in seniors’ benefits only by the inflation rate.

According to the latest forecasts, the inflation rate in 2024 is expected to be 12.3%. This also has a certain impact on the costs of indexation for the budget. Government calculations include information that the cost of indexation in 2024 with the given percentage will mean a cost of approximately PLN 43.6 billion – this calculation takes into account the increase in the so-called 13 and 14 pensions, which supplements depend on the amount of the minimum pension.

With an indexation rate of 12.3% (the same as the inflation rate), the minimum pension in 2024 will be PLN 1,784 gross. It currently amounts to PLN 1,588.44. This means an increase in the minimum pension benefit by PLN 195.56. At the same time, however, it is expected to affect the amount of other additional benefits (13th and 14th pension) – especially since after the act was signed by President Andrzej Duda, they were permanently included in the annual pension benefits.

The current rate of PLN 1,588.44 gross means that the minimum pension benefit is PLN 1,445. In March 2023, the minimum pension also increased to this amount:

Family, Social, Due to total incapacity for work.

In turn, the minimum pension for partial incapacity for work from March amounts to PLN 1,191.33 gross. The pre-retirement benefit itself amounts to PLN 1,600.70 gross.

Contrary to appearances, this is extremely important, and choosing the right month can affect your pension by up to several hundred zlotys per month. We wrote about this in a separate material. Details can be found here:

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Pension forecasts for 2024 are presented in the gallery:

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