The Political Manipulation of Ayotzinapa and the Vaccination of Garcia Harfuch

The Political Manipulation of Ayotzinapa and the Vaccination of Garcia Harfuch

Anticipating infection and applying preventive vaccination has proven to be the best medicine at home and in politics.

The issue of Ayotzinapa has become a trend again this week, nine years after the disappearance of the 43 Iguala normal students. And not precisely to seek the truth and justice that families still demand. Rather, it has been used as a smokescreen to electorally vaccinate one of the candidates for the Head of Government of Mexico City.

It turns out that, coincidentally, just after the former Secretary of Public Security of CDMX, Omar García Harfuchexpressed his aspirations to be Morena’s candidate for the capital government in 2024, from within the party they began to point out him as one of the architects of the so-called “historical truth” about Ayotzinapa, which was manufactured in the six-year term of Peña grandson.

Information leaked from the government itself placed him in the meetings where the official lie about the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa boys at the hands of organized crime was supposedly cooked up. And although he acknowledges that he was at the follow-up meetings, he rules out that he was part of the integration of the lie that was given to us about what happened.

But then, in the blink of an eye, Garcia Harfuch He was exonerated of any responsibility by the president himself Lopez Obrador, who stated that there are no elements to involve him in this monstrosity. And he was also immediately acquitted by Morena’s internal court.

Thus, in less than a week, they planted the accusation and then deactivated it, applying the same formula that was used at the time. Peña grandson to get vaccinated about the scandal of his son out of wedlock. First they air the issue, then they publicly assume it, and then no one can blame them because “it was already resolved.”

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The objective of this electoral vaccine was not to harm Garcia Harfuch, but to shield it from any accusation about Ayotzinapa in the future. If someone brings it up in the campaign, they will say that it has already been cleared up and there is nothing more to talk about.

With perversity and deceit, the Morena government took advantage of the situation of the Ayotzinapa anniversary to set up this work of anticipation and damage control, following the old PRI manual. They did not mind re-victimizing the parents of the normalistas in order to fulfill their electoral objective.

More than friendly fire, we witnessed a political parody staged to give him early papal blessing and defuse the issue, in the face of his candidacy which, without a doubt, will be Morena’s card in CDMX.

The event had a distracting effect that, unfortunately, overshadowed the claims of the families who today feel betrayed by a President who promised them truth and justice and, instead, used the tragedy for political and electoral purposes.

It was not about the Army’s responsibility in the disappearance, but about the electoral novel of Omar Garcia. Andrés Manuel López Obrador He shielded the candidate and did not render the accounts he offered.

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