Facts about the Hell’s Well which is believed to be the residence of the Jinn in Yemen, Number 5 There are Dead Birds

DUBAI, iNews.id – explorer team cave and geologist from Oman researching the Well Hell from Yaman, last week. Their exploration managed to reveal a number of interesting findings.

So far, the well, which the locals gave the name Barhout, has kept a lot of mysteries. The well is located in the middle desert Yaman.

Here are some facts about the well summarized iNews.id from a number of sources, Friday (24/9/2021):

1. Age

The Yemen Hell Well is about 30 meters wide and over 65 meters deep. Yemeni officials estimate that the well is millions of years old.

2. Considered the gates of hell

Besides being believed to be the house of the jinn, the well is also considered by the locals as the gate of hell. Therefore, the residents there are not only reluctant to approach, they are even reluctant to even mention his name, because they are afraid that they will have bad luck.

Editor : Ahmad Islamy Jamil



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