Fact Check: Apple Reportedly Will Distribute 3,000 Free Cell Phones After Successfully Launching the iPhone 12

PR BANDUNGRAYAApple has recently released smartphone the newest namely iPhone 12.

The iPhone brand has always been targeted by cellphone fans to its newest type.

After Apple managed to release his newest cellphone, recently news appeared in a chain message via the WhatsApp application which mentioned that the party Apple will give out 3,000 smartphone free.

In the message it is stated that the distribution of 3,000 smartphone free of charge in order to celebrate the successful launch iPhone 12.

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Not only that, the news stated that everyone who wants to get a free cellphone is asked to visit the link link contained in it.

However, after further investigation, it turned out that the news mentioned in the claim source was hoax information.

Quoted Prbandungraya.pikiran-rakyat.com from the Turn Back Hoax website on Saturday, October 24, 2020, there are some information to rectify hoax information the.

Previous hoax information is accompanied by a link link and several conditions that must be met. The following is the complete narrative contained in the message.

“WOW!: Launch iPhone 12 successful ones. We celebrate the successful launch of the iPhone by giving 3000 free mobile phones !. Receiving instructions:


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