Several drivers have left the crash site after pedestrians and cyclists

On Wednesday, there were several accidents in Latvia, when drivers left the scene when pedestrians or cyclists approached, according to the information provided by the State Police.

In Daugavpils, 18. Novov Street, an unidentified driver of the vehicle ran into a pedestrian, a woman born in 1962, and left the scene with an unidentified car. The woman with various bruises was taken to a medical institution.

Also in Daugavpils, Aveņu Street, a man born in 1963 with a “Hyundai Santa Fe” ran into a pedestrian born in 1996, who was diagnosed with various bruises. The victim was taken to hospital.

In Krustpils Parish, Krustpils District, an unidentified driver rode into a bicycle with an unidentified vehicle. The man was taken to a medical institution.

In turn, in the Pūre parish of Tukums region, the driver of the Volkswagen Passat caught cyclists. In this case, too, the woman was taken to hospital.

The police explain the circumstances of the accidents.

It has already been reported that yesterday 70 road traffic accidents were registered in Latvia, in which 12 people were injured, most of them were vulnerable road users.

On Wednesday, seven people were injured in accidents in and around Riga, three in Latgale and two in Zemgale. Five of the victims were cyclists and five more pedestrians.

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