Extreme weather hits Norway – evacuates in Eresfjord and Ørskog in Møre og Romsdal – VG

VOLUNTEERS: Rune Toven (right) and Svein Olav Vassli from Norwegian People’s Aid in Nesset in place to assist the evacuees in Eresfjorden.

In Eresfjord in Molde municipality, 70 people are evacuated due to the extreme weather «Gyda». At Ørskog in Ålesund municipality, several houses are also being evacuated.


Notice has been given to residents in residential areas along Kanndalsvegen and a residential area by Kjempehaugan in Eresfjord about evacuation. Dokkelva in Eresfjord goes over its banks, and the situation is closely monitored.

– The river triggers a great danger. It finds new runs down towards the residential areas. Therefore, we have initiated evacuation for 90 people, says mayor of Molde municipality, Torgeir Dahl, to VG.

The number has been scaled down to 70 people, writes NRK.

The municipality has established a place of residence for those who have to evacuate. The affected residents have been notified by SMS.

The residents had to evacuate no later than 11.30 pm. The crisis management in the municipality had a meeting at 23.30 to get an update on the situation.

The police will go over the evacuated properties to check that everyone has been evacuated. They must register at Kavli Moen Gård, reports Drive.

– The weather will probably improve on Thursday. For the time being, it looks like there will be no long-term evacuation, says the mayor.

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The civil defense, the police, Norwegian People’s Aid and the fire service are connected to the case. Dahl is the leader of the crisis management in Molde municipality. The decision to evacuate was made on the recommendation of the operations center.

Wednesday morning, “Gyda” announced its arrival. The extreme weather brings with it mild weather, wind and an enormous amount of rain.

– That we have so many natural hazard warnings out at the same time is very unusual, says duty officer and avalanche warnings in NVE, Jostein Aasen, to VG.

DANGER OF FLOOD: This message went out to the inhabitants of Eresfjorden in Molde municipality.

Eleven homes are being evacuated in Ørskog

At Ørskog in Ålesund municipality, eleven homes are evacuated after a landslide in Bjørndalen:

The fire brigade moved out to Bjørndalen after a report of a landslide at Ørskog station at 22 o’clock. The police and fire brigade contributed to the evacuation.

– The evacuation is now underway, so far eleven homes have been evacuated. I’m not sure how many people are involved, and whether more homes will have to be evacuated, says operations manager Arild Reite, to VG before midnight on Thursday night.

According to the fire service, there is an imminent danger that more mass could erupt. The municipality has organized temporary housing for the evacuees. A geologist will examine the area during the day on Thursday.

In Sunndal, an ice plug in the river Driva has led to the evacuation of two residential houses. The ice plug occurred before Christmas.

Extreme weather has caused NVE to send out warnings about floods, landslides, mudslides and landslides at the highest level. This means that such conditions do not occur more often than every 50 years.

– A couple of minor flood landslides and one landslide have been reported in Vestland county. More landslides and landslides are expected with continued heavy rainfall throughout the evening and night, says Johan Kristofers, duty officer at the landslide warning in NVE.

Just before midnight, the police in Trøndelag reported one large river that crosses the road in Skogn, which poses a danger to road users.

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