Exchange Terror: There are a lot of people in the world and they should shoot

In the new episode, we meet a family from the Dutch city of Leiden, Magda (27), Honza (34) and Alex (4). On the other hand, we know Tereza (21), Martin (28) and Martínek (1.5), who live in Pilsen.

Magda is Polka and Honza comes from Ostrava. They only met in the Netherlands, where they came to work, and signed up for the Exchange to find out what they meant to themselves. According to Magda, Honza is very explosive and often spins. In addition, they cannot agree on the upbringing of their son. Magda is said to be pampering him.

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Tereza registered her second family in the Exchange of Wives. Martin initially strongly disagreed, but eventually nodded. The two argue a lot and Tereza doesn’t trust Martin. It bothers her that Martin is rude and constantly tired from work. It is said that she does not devote herself to the family as she would imagine. The main problem, however, is that Martin was unfaithful to Tereza for several months, even when she was pregnant.

That Magda knows them too. His quirky views often take her breath away. According to him, there are a lot of people in the world and they should shoot. In addition, he admits to Magda that he asked Tereza for a hand after drinking for almost two days to keep him calm. What will be the foreign exchange of wives?

“Cheerfully” was also in the previous part of the Exchange of Wives:

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