Catering industry fears new measures • Record number of infections in Aruba

Koninklijke Horeca Nederland fears that the government wants to take extra measures with the increasing corona infections that may also apply to the catering industry. For example, KHN is afraid that a mandatory closure from midnight will be introduced in some large cities, among other places.

KHN points out that most infections take place in the home situation. “The RIVM figures from last week show 113 people for the whole of the Netherlands who became infected in the catering industry. In percentage terms, this is 5.5 percent of all infected people. Compared to the infections of 55.4 percent at home, 10.3 percent other family, 9.5 percent work situation, 9 percent nursing homes and 5.9 percent acquaintances and friends, the catering industry is at the bottom. “

According to KHN, reducing the number of infections will not be solved by closing the catering industry earlier. “KHN expects with this disproportionate measure that additional unrest will arise in the street, as people will move to public spaces, such as squares, parks and streets. In addition, guests can also move to neighborhood municipalities.” KHN also points out that such a decision will be financially bad for “a sector that is already looking into the abyss”.

The cabinet will introduce new regional corona measures on Friday. These will probably apply to regions in the west of the country. It is not yet known which additional measures the cabinet will introduce.

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