Ewa Farna appreciated her husband’s efforts: The sea in the living room!

The singer and mother of Arthur’s son (22 months) longed for the sea breeze and warm sand. But her husband behaved like a responsible man and dad. “After all, we can’t travel between districts or see a family on holidays, so we really can’t go anywhere, that’s completely against the meaning of those measures,” Martin rejected the trip abroad.

Staidl had a wish he did not have time to fulfill. AND Farna she showed a new body. How did she do it?

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Ewa mumbled for a while that it would go to Dubai or the Canary Islands, for example, but nothing passed. She was all the more surprised when she returned from the toilet to the living room. There was a beach chair, a bath towel, snorkeling gear, a drink, a palm tree in a pot and a photo from the sea waiting for her on the screen. “Well, it’s not Dubai, but the effort is appreciated. Let’s have a nice Easter at home too! ”Farna was finally satisfied.

Rough accusation Nývltové: Takes advantage of a pandemic! And the final decision The Gotts

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