“Eva Pavlová Extols Her Daughter’s Resemblance to Herself with Undeniable Confidence”


Eva Pavlova and Petr Pavel

Eva Pavlova and Petr Pavel

First Lady Eva Pavlova has a daughter Eva from her first marriage, with whom she has the most beautiful relationship. A few days ago, she even paid tribute to her on the social network and highlighted her qualities. Along with that, she also published several pictures of the beautiful Eva, showing how similar she and her daughter are.

Eva Pavlová and Petr Pavel were already married in 2004, but they did not have any children together. However, the house was definitely not empty. Petr Pavel has two sons from his first marriage with Hana Pavlova, and Eva Pavlova has a daughter Eva. This is exactly where she showed off on her Instagram a few days ago. And it is true that her thirty-one-year-old daughter is extremely similar to her today.

Great support

“A daughter who has always been a great support to me and I to her,” the first lady wrote on a series of pictures in which she showed her daughter Eva as a little girl and as a grown woman. “She is beautiful and very nice,” Eva Pavlová’s supporters wrote under the post. “Your daughter is beautiful because of you,” was added.

“I have the honor of knowing her and she is one of the nicest people I know,” said one commenter. In addition, people also often highlighted how beautiful the relationship young Eva has with her stepfather, President Petr Pavlo.

Like your own

Although the relationships between children and their stepparents are not always exemplary, Eva Friedlová and Petr Pavel are a beautiful exception. They understand each other perfectly and the president takes Eva as his own daughter. Even in those pictures that the first lady shared, there is one in which Petr Pavel and Eva are immortalized and both of them are beaming with big smiles. “You have a beautiful relationship and it’s so nice how he relates to your husband and you stay together like that,” gushed fans. “It’s beautiful that your daughter supported you and her stepfather as well. But as I listened to your husband, he takes your daughter as our daughter. And that’s beautiful,” rejoiced another.

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