Establishing the largest iPhone assembly plant in India

Some reports revealed the readiness of the Tata group of companies (Tata) India aims to establish the largest iPhone assembly plant in India. This comes as part of Apple’s strategy that seeks to expand the company’s industrial footprint within India.

The Tata Group has already been involved in iPhone assembly before, as it was responsible for manufacturing the phone’s metal chassis. However, the company seeks to expand towards the full commercialization of iPhone phones.

Tata decided to establish this new factory in the industrial city of Hosur, located in the south of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. According to a Bloomberg report: The new factory is expected to include approximately 20 assembly lines, as the Tata Group aims to create new job opportunities to employ more than 50,000 workers over the next two years. The factory will be operational in a period ranging from 12 to 18 months.

Last October, Tata succeeded in acquiring Wistron’s iPhone manufacturing unit (Wistron), located in the Indian state of Karnataka, thus announcing its full entry into the world of iPhone assembly. However, the new factory that Tata is seeking to establish will be larger than the Wistron facility, which has a workforce of only approximately 10,000 workers..

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2023-12-08 21:00:57
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