TGA 2023: “The Last of Us Part II Remastered Edition” reveals the content details of the new Roguelike survival mode “Bloodshed”

“The Last of Us Part II Remastered” will be available on the PlayStation 5 console on January 19, 2024. The new version also includes a series of new behind-the-scenes content, technical enhancements that fully utilize the performance of PS5 hardware, and a new game mode “Bloodless”. This is a new attempt in the world of “The Last of Us” and aims to present “Part 1” in a unique way. II”‘s delicate plot and engaging gameplay.

What is “bloody without return”?

“Bloody No Return” allows players to choose their own advancement route and test their abilities in random encounter levels. Players will be placed in familiar scenes from the main storyline of “The Last of Us Part II”, including Jackson City, Channel 13 News Station and many other places. Every scene has strange challenges that are different from the original version, or even unexpected, and also add a unique twist to the game.

In “Bloody No Return”, once you die, you cannot be resurrected. Therefore, if you lose in the middle of the level, you will lose all the weapons, items and upgrades accumulated in the entire level, and you will start over and challenge a new set of random scenes. The clearance methods and encounters of any challenge are not preset – throughout the entire level, players must make careful choices between different encounters, which will not only determine the subsequent play mode, but also affect the rewards unlocked. Potential adjustment parameters encountered, etc. Between each battle, players will return to their hideout to rest and recuperate, and choose their next battle through planned routes to familiar locations on the cork notice board.

If players can get through all the way and reach the end of the level, they will face one of the six boss encounters that are unlocked in succession (they will randomly appear in the boss battle of the level in the future), challenging the most unforgettable and difficult opponent in “Part II”. You may even have to use completely new tactics that are completely different from the original way of winning to defeat the enemy. Whether you successfully complete a level or are killed by a Sound Follower or Hunter mid-encounter, you will receive points at the end, as well as a rating for your performance.

Each level will be completely different from the last, with each playthrough bringing a new set of encounters. The challenges of “Bloody No Return” are divided into four different types: “Assault” requires fighting against waves of enemies; “Occupy” requires opening a safe filled with precious materials guarded by enemies; “Hold” requires players and System-controlled partners join forces to resist the besieging infected; in “Pursuit”, you need to survive until the end of time while the enemy continues to reinforce them.

Each type can take place in a variety of different locations, and to ensure each level feels fresh and different from the previous one, encounters will be randomly modified with mods. If you choose to challenge different transformation modules, you will also receive different rewards. Modification mods will test your skills in fun and surprising ways, such as enemies dropping homemade bombs upon death, thick fog shrouding encounter maps, and more. With repeated play, players will be able to fully experience the full set of transformation modules in the game, adding exciting twists to every encounter.

In addition, “dangerous levels” also bring optional dynamic challenges, further enhancing the fun of each round. From the winning goal of completing a certain number of headshot kills to the test of successfully dodging melee attacks, dangerous levels can not only help players formulate plans before jumping into the challenge, but also provide opportunities to expand their strategies and obtain additional resources for the level.

Speaking of resources, veteran players of “The Last of Us Part II” are probably familiar with it. Ellie and Abby have many upgradeable weapons to use, as well as their own skill upgrade trees. “Bloody No Return” also continues these designs, but the upgrade items will be reset after each round of levels, so you must make difficult choices during the advancement process, deciding which weapon upgrades to spend the resources obtained, or judging which skills It will bring advantages in subsequent encounters. The weapons dropped in each round of levels are also different, further affecting the upgrade paths you may want or need to choose in order to survive and win.

The meta-game of “Bloodshed”

In addition to simply trying to survive in the level, “Bloodshed” also provides a series of post-game goals and unlockable content. These achievements will be retained and accumulated between each level, even if you fail to make it all the way to the final boss. By fighting, you can still unlock new characters, looks and other content.

The playable characters at the beginning of “Bloodline” are Ellie and Abby. As long as you work hard to complete various challenges, you can unlock Ellie’s Jackson companions Dina, Joel, Tommy and Jesse. In addition, Abby’s Companions Lev, Yela, Mel and Manny can also be unlocked.

Each character has unique abilities and offers different play styles. For example, Dina is equipped with traps and flash bombs from the beginning, and her skill tree has special enhancements that can make twice the number of bombs, while Abby has melee enhancements and can fight in hand-to-hand combat. Restore health on hit. We hope that this kind of diversity will not only encourage players to maximize their preferred play styles, but also allow them to additionally try out a few specific mechanics they don’t often use.

The challenge track reflects the progress of each playable character and the overall results of the game mode. By completing each goal, you can unlock various content such as new playable characters and expanded outfits, as well as new games such as adventure levels and companions. Turn.

Although the level content is randomly generated, players can still challenge customized levels individually. Various elements that affect the “Bloodbath” game experience can be turned on or off and switched freely. In addition, new daily challenges are launched every day to prove your strength to players around the world. Each player has a chance to use the same character and challenge the same randomly generated levels. Through the leaderboard, you can track your accumulated scores and clearance time, and compete with other players of “The Last of Us Part II Remastered”.

“The Last of Us Part II Remastered” can be played immediately upon launching “The Last of Us Part II Remastered”. However, it is recommended that novice players experience the main storyline of the game first, become familiar with the gameplay and accumulate a solid foundation of the combat system before trying it out. The new mode can not only bring fun to novices, but also test the skills of experienced players. In addition, players who already own the PS4 version of “The Last of Us Part II” can also choose to directly upgrade to the remastered version for an additional purchase price of NT$300.

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