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Essential Workers Affected by AstraZeneca Vaccine: Ministry of Health Takes Action

On April 29, the Ministry of Health sent received for the first time the essential workers affected by the AstraZeneca vaccine. With the main goal of recognizing their position as professional emergencyBecause they were vaccinated with this injection – without choice – because they were seen as essential professionals, representatives of the Association of Essential Workers who were affected by the AstraZeneca (Ateava) Vaccine after the this first meeting with the Department of Mónica García.

“They promise to take steps according to our requests. They believe that what we asked is reasonable and fair. They admit that we have suffered inattention and we have been stigma. It seems to them that some mistakes in strategy or management were appropriate and understandable in the first moments of the pandemic, in the horror of the first wave, etc., but now, three years later , we must evaluate what was done and how. it was done THE WORKwhich emphasizes that they are not vaccinations or conspiracies, but instead workers who lived up to society during the pandemic: “Proof of this is that we are like this because we are vaccinated.”

New meeting in July

In terms of recognizing his condition as occupational disease, From the Ministry of Health they point out that it is not their responsibility, but that they are committed to working as a bridge between the competent ministries, they report from Ateava, which ensures that the among the objectives of the ministry after that meeting that took place with Pedro Gullón, Director General of Public Health, is also “creating a compensation fund for cases like ours and establish action protocols for patients in our situation. However, from Health they celebrate THE WORK that it is only a “possible option to stand to learn.”

They study a new syndrome linked to covid-19

In this way, from the department of Mónica García they call representatives of Ateava to a new meeting in July to assess progress in this regard. “It looks like something is moving. “This was certainly unthinkable a year ago,” says a hopeful Leticia Bravo, who says more research about what happened. “We are not just talking about what happened to the world or what happened to a few of us, but about what could happen again (or definitely will happen because no one questions future pandemics ) and works appropriately now not only doing justice, but also prevention,” he says.

Ateava representatives with Pedro Gullón after the meeting on April 29.

Affected essential workers

These professional groups (such as teachers, health workers, veterinarians or police officers) received the vaccine en masse starting on February 15, 2021. They were among the population groups that were mentioned earlier under the argument that They were at higher risk of exposure and transmission to others. The companies, according to those they affected, gave the day and the place where they could get the vaccine already. The dose, AstraZeneca. There was no choice.

It must be remembered that in the middle of the vaccination campaign by AstraZeneca He was paralyzed for 15 days – from March 15 to early April – due to the side effects of the vaccine and the the death of a 42-year-old teacher days after inoculation. Vaccination by AstraZeneca resumed for essential workers “denying the severity of the side effects and their “concerning” level.

However, many of them, three years later, continue to have side effects such as dizziness, urinary incontinence, myocarditis, shortness of breath, paralysis, loss of strength in hands, arms, legs and trunk, severe pain in back or migraines. Others suffered from thrombosis, neuritis or even multiple sclerosis. However, Ateava points out that there is a “significant number” of people affected by this who have not received any diagnosis, “but have very disabling symptoms.” Today, The society registers 122 people.

The EU is suspending the marketing of AstraZeneca

May 6 last, the European Commission halted marketing of AstraZeneca’s covid vaccine after the request of the pharmacist himself. The laboratory ensures that this withdrawal is due commercial matters and has nothing to do with its side effects.

“As several updated vaccines have been developed for Covid-19 variants, there are now surplus vaccines available. This has reduced the demand for Vaxzervria, which is no longer manufactured or supplied,” said the company. THE WORK.

A week earlier, on April 28, the pharmaceutical company admitted for the first time in court documents that its covid vaccine can have side effects such as thrombosis in “very rare cases.” In fact, the company is against it class action lawsuit for which you can compensate up to 100 million poundsas there are several cases of deaths and serious injuries, according to The Telegraph.

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