Episode 08 – Graz Police – Radau in Karlau | Episode 8 | Season 1 | Police Graz – Radau in Karlau

In episode 8 of “Graz Police – Radau in Karlau” the police officers from the Karlauerstraße inspection are called to a housing estate. A woman is said to have gotten drunk again and again near the garage and this time also to have scratched a car. The officers set out to find her …

In addition, a dispute broke out at a gas station. A regular guest accused a man of having pocketed goods. The police are trying to clear up the situation.

And the police officers stop a cyclist who drove over a protective path when it was red and then continued on the sidewalk. When they check the young man and the bike, the suspicion arises that the bike may have been stolen …


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