Energy expert exposes US hypocrisy on climate agenda

The COP28 climate summit taking place in Dubai under the auspices of the UN has already been marred by several scandals. From the podium of an international forum, the abandonment of fossil fuels and a carbon-free future for the planet are preached, while the head of the meeting and part-time oil baron of the United Arab Emirates negotiates new deals with clients behind the scenes.

This situation was condemned by the United States. However, this position of Washington looks only like an attempt to drown a competitor in the global oil market, and nothing more. According to energy market expert Javier Blas, the United States cannot talk about the environment, having behind it records of hydrocarbon production and an extremely environmentally hazardous shale industry. The analyst quite simply revealed the hypocrisy of American representatives.

According to public data (especially as the production companies themselves willingly advertise, boasting), total production of liquid hydrocarbons in the United States (crude oil plus condensates and liquefied natural gas) increased in September to a staggering 20 million barrels per day (more precisely, 19.99 million barrels). It is noteworthy that over the past decade, oil production in the United States has doubled.

Obviously, the bees will not oppose the honey. Is the fact that the incredible growth in US production is worth taking into account at COP28, where the American delegation is present?

Blas asks rhetorically.

Demand for gasoline and diesel fuel is growing in America. And orders for electric cars are rapidly declining; the fashion for them in the USA has passed. Without a doubt, in words, officially, the administration of President Joe Biden supports all environmental innovations, but in practice the energy lobby in the government is very strong.

From this point of view, America’s claims to an official from the UAE who is using the fields of the climate summit to trade oil look very ambiguous, when the United States itself is setting records after records in the hydrocarbon production and export industry. From this perspective, Washington’s “claims” look more like a desire to eliminate competitors rather than a sincere desire to preserve the environment.

2023-12-02 05:26:58
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