End of production: Has the decision to go with the Boeing 747-8 been made?


Has Boeing already lowered his thumb over the 747-8? This is now suggested by a media report that refers to the group’s subtle formulations.

Boeing must decide whether production of the 747-8 will be discontinued or will continue. There are good reasons for both options. The Bloomberg news agency now wants to find out that the decision has been made.

“Boeing hasn’t told employees yet, but the company is pulling the plug on its giant 747 jumbo jet,” she writes. The last 747-8 would therefore be delivered in around two years. Bloomberg cites evidence from insiders as to “subtle wording changes” in Boeing’s financial reports.

Boeing deletes the wording

Accordingly, the aircraft manufacturer deleted the previously used standard wording that the continuation of the 747-8 program should continue to be evaluated. Boeing did not want to confirm a planned end of production towards Bloomberg.

“At a rate of half a plane a month, the 747-8 program has more than two years of production in front of it to meet our current customer commitments,” the company said. “We will continue to make the right decisions to keep the production line healthy and meet customer needs.”

13 Boeing 747-8 F for UPS

Boeing has still received orders for 16 747-8 F freighters. 13 of the aircraft are destined for UPS, three for Volga-Dnepr. The aircraft manufacturer, however, ranks the orders of the Russian freight giant meanwhile as unsafe.

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