2K Games is the first publisher to make next-gen games more expensive


We have already heard sounds that developing games for the next-gen consoles is much more expensive than current-gen titles and that the prices of games could rise as a result. It looks like this will be the case with games released under the 2K Games label, as the publisher has indicated that NBA 2K21’s suggested retail price for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is at least higher than the current-gen versions.

If you buy the latest installment in the basketball series on the PlayStation 4, the recommended price is € 69.99. You often see that the price in the shops is between € 59.99 and € 64.99. If you want to buy the PlayStation 5 version, the suggested retail price is € 74.99. It then seems a logical assumption that shops will charge between € 64.99 and € 69.99.

Until now, we only know from NBA 2K21 that the next-gen version will be more expensive. Whether other publishers will follow suit and whether 2K Games will offer all their next-gen titles more expensive remains to be seen.

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