An empty lectern for Duda. Trzaskowski: Let him answer difficult questions


During the meeting with the residents of Skierniewice, Rafał Trzaskowski was accompanied by an empty lectern for his electoral rival – struggling for re-election of President Andrzej Duda. “The lectern is prepared for Andrzej Duda if he would like to debate” – explained the president of Warsaw. “Let him answer difficult questions also in such circumstances, and not just take part in the TVP debate” – he added.

In his speech, the candidate of the Civic Coalition referred to the presidential debate planned on Thursday for TVN, TVN 24, Onet and WP, ​​which did not take place, because Andrzej Duda did not want to take part in it. “The order of answering the questions, taking the floor in the summary or the place in the studio was decided by the draw. The formula of the debate provided for journalists’ questions, retorts, mutual questions, questions from viewers and free statements of candidates. Each editorial office was to pass questions from viewers and Internet users” – this is how Onet described the plans for the debate.

Rafał Trzaskowski asked the assembled people, “do they want to have a president who is afraid of everything – a debate in which questions that are not prepared in advance may be asked”. Do we want a president who does not talk about topics that interest us? Do we want to have a president who is afraid of the president and colleagues from the party? Do we want to have a president who is afraid to stand on the market in Skierniewice and answer your questions? – he calculated.

As Trzaskowski pointed out, “you don’t have to be afraid of young people, but talk to them”. The difference between me and Andrzej Duda is that I have already been on TVP – he said, referring to the debate before the first round of elections. Questions on TVP have nothing to do with what Poles ask me during meetings. Because the rulers are looking for substitute subjects – he assessed. At the same time, he assured me that “he is eager to answer journalists’ questions from Pisz television, even waiting for them”.

At a meeting organized on the Skierniewice market, Trzaskowski argued that one should “ask questions about real problems”. Even here in Skierniewice talk about the lack of water and the consequences of a climate disaster” – He said.

The politician admitted that he is able to understand that President Duda “is afraid of such a debate.” He added that he remembers his statement about the fact that “unfortunately he does not know if man affects climate change at all”. Mr. President, it’s time to study he appealed.

Trzaskowski said that today’s authorities do not take seriously, among others Youth Climate Strike and does not answer difficult questions asked by young people.

Do we want to have a president who is afraid of difficult questions? Do we want a president who only wants to talk to his party colleagues? Do we want to have a president who is still dividing Poland and Poles? – asked Trzaskowski.

According to the President of Warsaw, “the saddest thing is that today PiS is constantly creating its own elite.” All the time he only thinks about how to ensure the future, tomorrow to his friends and party colleagues, their friends. Is this a skiing instructor or is someone who helps some “PiS” family, they only want to talk to them and they are not afraid of them – Trzaskowski said.

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