Elissa ignores the demands of her fans: Do you act like Lady Gaga?

The Lebanese singer, Elissa, ignored requests for her to delete the joint song with Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred, after he was convicted of raping a girl in France in 2016, and Elissa remained silent, which exposed her to criticism from a wide Arab audience.

Lamjarred was convicted of raping Laura (she was 20 years old) in Paris in 2016. Last Friday, the French judiciary issued a decision to imprison Lamjarred for six years and pay a fine.

Activists moved on the communication sites to demand that Elissa delete the duet song “From the First Minute”, which she collected with the Moroccan star last year. They said that this measure would prove her bias towards women, and she is the one who raises the banner of defending women’s rights, and she dedicated it in the song “Ya My Mirror”, which she released in 2015.

They also said that this procedure would be similar to what American star Lady Gaga resorted to in 2019, when she apologized to her fans and deleted her song “Do what you want”, which was released in 2013 with American singer R Kelly, after he was sentenced to 30 years in prison for sexual assault. on children and women.

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However, Elissa, until today, Monday, did not issue any position, which prompted many to accuse her of remaining silent about a person convicted of harassment and rape, which means that she does not condemn him, contrary to her feminist discourse.

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