Eintracht falls in Wolfsburg

Eintracht Frankfurt gets under the wheels in Wolfsburg with 0: 5. However, those involved do not give the impression that they are particularly disappointed or frustrated. Is it too harmonious in the club?

Eintracht imagined everything very differently. Instead of putting table leaders Wolfsburg under pressure and building excitement in the championship race, the women with the eagle took a painful 0:5 beating. The eye is now turned less towards the top of the table than towards the bottom, where SC Freiburg have moved up by two points and the SBU are in the fight for the important third place in the Champions League. The Frankfurt women have already lost second place to FC Bayern due to the defeat in the Volkswagen Arena.

It is true that the defeat at VfL was too high and that Eintracht, as coach Niko Arnautis analyzed after the game, was in good form before the double goal of 0:2 and 0:3. And, of course, a bust for Wolves, who are a notch above the rest of the league this season, isn’t the end of the world. Especially since it was Frankfurt’s first defeat of the current Bundesliga season.

However, the game raised questions. On the one hand, if coach Arnautis is able to playfully take the team to the next level of development. Or if he lacks the individual quality in midfield to pose a serious threat to Wolfsburg and Bayern.

On the other hand, the Eintracht players lacked the will to win. This is especially true of top scorer Laura Freigang. The national player had a pitch black day and she felt like she made more bad passes than contact with the ball. The big break at 1:4 was gone after a good hour—and she acknowledged the misfire with a (unironic) laugh. Even shortly after the final whistle, the 24-year-old’s facial expressions and gestures showed neither disappointment nor anger.

Arnautis and Laura Feiersinger have left a no less disconcerting impression Magenta sports-Micro, where both were more forgiving than contrite. And this despite the developments of recent weeks have caused concern. Before 0: 5 in Wolfsburg, last year’s third shook with a last-minute win against limited Leverkusen and was eliminated in the cup against second division RB Leipzig. Before that they had lost a 3-1 at Hoffenheim and in the end could be happy to have taken at least one point from Kraichgau.

A positive counterexample in terms of attitude was provided by Sara Doorsoun. The centre-back was unable to prevent the five goals he conceded and even scored into his own goal against his former club. But when the German national team broke down in tears after the match, it was clear how disappointed she was and how much she set out for the match.

In the last round of the first round against bottom of the table Turbine Potsdam, Eintracht should win by half strength and thus winter at least in third place. However, the team and managers should ask themselves if there hasn’t been too much harmony on the Main lately.

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