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Over 1,200 confirmed cases of correctional facilities nationwide… Also filed a lawsuit against the government

Input 2021.01.06 19:56

One inmate was confirmed in the southern prison… It has nothing to do with the eastern detention center

On the afternoon of the 6th, at the Eastern Detention Center in Songpa-gu, Seoul, a prisoner is showing a paper outside the window that reads’Incompetent President of the Ministry of Justice’./Yonhap News

Of the detainees who were transferred to other correctional facilities after being negative at the Seoul East Detention Center (hereinafter referred to as Dongbu Detention Center) where a large-scale coronavirus infection (Corona 19) infection occurred, an additional 10 were confirmed.

According to the Ministry of Justice on the 6th, the cumulative corona19 confirmed at correctional facilities nationwide as of 5 pm on the day was 1,203, an increase of 78 from the previous day. Twelve more people were confirmed as of 8 a.m. that day.

Of the 78 additional confirmed cases, 67 were detainees who were confirmed in the 6th full-scale investigation of the Dongbu Detention Center. The eastern detention center conducted the sixth full inspection on 429 employees and 338 prisoners the day before.

In addition, seven and three of the prisoners who were transferred from the eastern detention center to the Yeongwol prison and the northern Gangwon prison were confirmed. They were tested negative and transferred to other correctional facilities to reduce the density of the eastern detention center, but were found to be positive in additional tests.

An additional prisoner was confirmed in the southern prison. This prisoner is not affiliated with the Eastern Detention Center.

A total of 1059 prisoners were currently quarantined in correctional facilities after being diagnosed with Corona 19. The largest number of eastern detention centers was 673, with 341 in North Gyeongsang Province, 16 in Gwangju, 16 in South Seoul, 8 in Yeongwol, 4 in Gangwon-do, and 1 in Seoul.

The government announced a plan to block the inflow of Corona 19 outside the correctional facility on the same day to prevent the increase of corona 19 confirmed cases in the increasing correctional facilities. First of all, the government decided to provide a mask to all prisoners of correctional facilities nationwide, and to conduct a rapid antigen test once a week for correctional facility staff.

In addition, it was decided to conduct a thorough examination for prisoners of correctional institutions nationwide, and to review plans to additionally designate the Legal Training Institute of the Ministry of Justice as a life treatment center. Despite the government’s response, complaints from prisoners and their families continue to accumulate.

The government has implemented a three-step measure of distance from correctional facilities, prohibiting prisoners from outside interviews, work, education, as well as bathing or exercising. This is because the risk of infection increases when traveling for a bath or exercise.

However, among prisoners, it is argued that even banning bathing or exercising is a violation of human rights. There is a water supply facility in the living room, so you can wash your face easily, but most correctional facilities do not have hot water and you cannot wash them properly. As exercise is also banned, more and more people complain of depression because several people have to spend 24 hours in a cramped room.

In this situation, four detainees who were confirmed by the Dongbu Detention Center filed a lawsuit for damages claiming a total of 40 million won per person at 10 million won against the government on the same day.

They also applied for evidence for the Eastern Detention Center closed circuit (CC) TV. These are all open prisoners who have not been convicted.

“The government did not provide masks to prisoners, did not quarantine between confirmed cases and general prisoners, and neglected overcrowded prisoners,” explained the background of the lawsuit.

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