Do not discriminate between HIV/Aids patients, Mojokerto Regent: Because there is already a cure

Regent Ikfina takes a photo with Mojokerto Regency government health workers after the commemoration of HKN and World AIDS Day.

Government of Mojokerto Regency, Bhirawa.

The regent of Mojokerto, Ikfina Fahmawati, stressed that if there is a cure for HIV/Aids, it cannot be distinguished from other infectious diseases.

For this reason, all healthcare workers (Nakes) in Mojokerto Regency must not give a negative stigma to people with HIV/Aids (ODHA), because being HIV positive for HIV/AIDS is the same as other infectious diseases.

This was communicated, among others, by Regent Ikfina, while participating in the commemoration of the 58th National Health Day (HKN) and World AIDS Day, which took place at the Mojokerto District Health Office. at Mojorejo Flower Hill Park, Mojorejo Village, Pungging District, Saturday (3/12).

“HIV/Aids disease cannot be differentiated. So let’s treat this disease the same way we treat Covid-19, the same way we treat hepatitis, or the same way we treat other infectious diseases. There is nothing special about being HIV positive or AIDS. Because HIV/Aids has had a cure since 2004. So that the sick can be cured. However, the sufferer has to take lifelong medication to control the virus in her body,” Ikfina said.

“If the antiviral drug is taken continuously for life, the growth of the virus in your body can be controlled and suppressed. So that he can live like a normal person,” she explained.

Ikfina advises healthcare professionals to campaign for ‘Anti-discrimination’ or PLWHA’s anti-exclusion, where there are currently also those who fear and stay away from people living with HIV/Aids. In fact, people must understand that the transmission will not take place only by being close, shaking hands and touching each other.

“In fact, right now we are focusing on preventing the transmission of the HIV/Aids virus from behavior that is not permitted. Once again, let’s unite to stop the transmission of HIV/Aids and together prevent an increase of the number of patients. In addition to eliminating discrimination against HIV/AIDS positive patients,” he said. (minimum gat)

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