“Education” effectively assesses the importance of a child’s mental health

The Department of Student Services of the Ministry of Education held an event on the importance of children’s mental health, at the Al-Inmaa Complex, with the participation of many government and private agencies, where the need to provide a supportive environment for children, capable of honing their potential, it has been highlighted, to ensure they become active members of society.

The event was attended by Assistant Under-Secretary for Education Services, Kifaya Al-Anzour, who highlighted the enthusiasm of the education services sector in providing initiatives and programs that promote and develop children’s mental health and help unleash their abilities , emphasizing the importance of building collaboration paths with the various subjects of society, in particular the family, so that all children have fun in an atmosphere that motivates them to reveal the best of themselves, expressing thanks to the Ministry of the Interior, the Center Child Welfare of the Ministry of Social Development, and the Middle East Hospital, for their support and support of the event.

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