Earthquakes and volcanoes do not occur except by order of God..and their benefits to humanity outweigh their harms! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Professor Abdulaziz bin Laboun revealed the benefits of earthquakes and volcanoes and the importance of their occurrence.

Ben Laboun said, during his interview with the Ya Hala program: “Earthquakes and volcanoes are natural laws that do not occur except by God’s command, and it is true that they are destructive, but they have great benefits.”

He added, “One of the benefits of the balance of the earth’s crust is the exit of minerals, rocks, and gases. Had it not been for earthquakes and volcanoes, the earth would have exploded.”

And he continued: “Earthquakes and volcanoes are an outlet for the great energy stored inside the earth, and God sends outlets for it in the form of earthquakes and volcanoes to breathe and relax the earth.”

He concluded: “Life continues with these laws. Life cannot be stopped for the sake of a person, two, or a hundred. Great cracks must occur in order for the potential energy to come out of the earth.”

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