“I am alive”… A Syrian youth publishes a video under the destruction in Turkey

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Little did this young man, who escaped from the hell of war in his country, know that he would see death with his own eyes in Turkey.

It is the story of a Syrian boy who succumbed to death thinking that his balance in life was over, so he filmed a video clip from under the rubble after the building in which he was housed collapsed in the Turkish city of Hatay following the devastating earthquake that occurred last Monday.

The young man appeared in the video explaining that his feeling is indescribable, stressing that his family and many other families are under the rubble.

He also pointed out that he could hear among the rubble the voices of people crying out due to the collapse of the building.

It is noteworthy that the rescue teams are racing against time in search of survivors in the aftermath of the strong earthquake that has claimed the lives of more than 8,000 people so far in Turkey and Syria.

Until now, the non-final official death toll in Turkey has reached 5,894 and the injured 31,777, after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and neighboring Syria early Monday morning, destroying thousands of buildings and leaving thousands injured and homeless.

The World Health Organization said it expected the worst and feared that “the results could be eight times higher than the first numbers” published.

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