“Duterte” confirms China’s “Sinovak” vaccine is safe, no one dies after injection.

Rodrigo Duterte President of the Philippines Discusses the safety of the new coronavirus vaccine (COVID-19) Developed by Chinese Biopharmaceutical Group While defending the government’s decision to procure Chinese-made vaccines

Late Monday (Jan. 18), Duterte announced on television that China’s vaccine Vaccines from Sinovac and Sinopharm are currently being used in Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, and no deaths have been reported so far.

Duterte previously said last week that the Chinese vaccine was “Absolutely safe and confident”

The Philippine government has announced that 25 million doses of the CoronaVac vaccine developed by Sinovac are pending emergency use (EUA) approval from the Commission.foodAnd Philippine Medicines (FDA)

Meanwhile, the Philippines is negotiating with at least seven other vaccine manufacturers to purchase vaccines.COVID-19 148 million doses in 2021

The Philippine authorities plan to vaccinate 50-70 million people, or more than 60 percent of the total population this year. To achieve group immunity

The Philippine Health Ministry reported an additional 2,163 COVID-19 cases on Monday, the highest number in more than two months.


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