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Dune 2 received full critical acclaim – 2024-02-29 07:41:18

A week before it hits the screens in our country, “Dune 2” already has reviews from the critics and received almost 100% approval from its first viewers on the specialized site “Rotten Tomatoes”.

Denis Villeneuve’s epic will continue from where the first part of 2021 ended – it will follow the journey of Paul Atreides after the destruction of his kind on the unknown planet Arrakis.

The second “Dune” is bigger and better, film experts agree. Paul (Timothy Chalamet) and his mother Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) live with the Fremen, the native inhabitants of the planet.

Their welcome from the otherwise hostile Fremen is because they see in him the fulfillment of the prophecy of the savior of Arrakis. Paul is aware that the prophecy is propaganda and is hesitant to step into his assigned role as messiah. But his desire for power is part of his nature, and also of his origin as the heir of a powerful family.

Meanwhile, his attempts to ride a sandworm, his love affairs with Chani continue, and the Fremen continue to attack the usurpers of power, the Harkonnens. One of the storylines takes viewers to the home of the enemy, where the sun is black and the action takes place in black and white.

The almost entirely positive reaction from critics is somewhat unsurprising – as early as his 2021 film, Villeneuve said he intended to make a trilogy based on Frank Herbert’s Dune.

The first production was supposed to introduce a completely new science fiction universe into the story, so some people found the film too slow and even pretentious with its bombastic visual effects.

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