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Kevork Kevorkian: Serial Suicides – View Info – 2024-02-29 08:19:16

/ world today news/ The latest production of our politics – the scramble for a new cabinet – is really funny.
Our politicians are seen as saviors – some to such an extent that they begin to believe in themselves.
In fact, as always they save themselves.
Therefore, again, they do not even mention the People whom they supposedly save.

In fact, a brutal scam is unfolding before our eyes.

121 – nothing else interests our politicians except this number. That’s how many votes they need to close the game.

And the whole effort is to somehow patch up an apparently failed government that was tossed around like a rag doll between the leaders of the coalition parties.

And it had the dignity of a rag doll.

We witnessed simple arguments.

A Prime Minister and a Deputy Prime Minister from the same government sparred wildly from the rostrum in Parliament and without any inhibitions accused each other of fraud.

Completely unnecessary, because hardly anyone doubted that it existed.

And, after all this disgrace, the rags had to be patched up somehow – as if nothing had happened.

And to present this patchwork as a fateful rescue operation, as if the state will end if this does not happen.

And it happened a long time ago – for many years we have been forced to watch and even participate in a performance with blind actors performed in front of a blind audience.

This bleak conclusion needs no proof, but, nevertheless, here is one for the ultimate naïve – from the last government’s asset:

The Tragic Failure in Macedonia.

And yet, our conciliators insist that the power remain the same.

And most of all, the game should be the same – even though it has led them to the cesspool of politics.

What will this cost – what will the price of compliance be?

Why does Ninova so insist on having a leading role for the PP – after the cabinet, composed under the dictation of Kirchovites, has melted its rating at an unprecedented speed?

She is an experienced politician, she even fought with her own party, some hope she will soon liquidate it.

She should understand that it is impossible for the Kircho/Asencho Duo to form a government without her.

Had she also become a bufosynchronist?

Given the obvious managerial and even intellectual bankruptcy of the Duo, why didn’t Ninova herself name the candidate for prime minister from other circles? After all the shenanigans of the past 6-7 months, she prefers to be the crutch of ProstoKircho – the crutch, even the screen, of an initially dubious project.

Will not the common sense at least remember that there is something abnormal in all this?

And Chr. Ivanov is tame, because he will always hook something from the scam.

And mainly because he stuck the knife in the “right” – he will be remembered as the liquidator of his capital of the past, or at least what had survived.

Nineveh is more likely to choke than Hr. Ivanov, of the compromises they intend to make.

His bite is stronger, he can chew bigger bites.

He also has experience with the Padishaha, from the time he served him.

He/she could be with anyone, but not the “Communists”, “Communoids” or “Putinists” – as some of the “Rightists” put it.

But now they are silent, when Hr. goes to bash the communists. True anti-communists will not have peace in the next world either.

They supposedly sang “Give me a divorce”, and now they married the “communyagi” – and they are probably in the role of the bride.

They were going to send them to Siberia, but instead they went to serve them.

And the “leftists” are downright crushed – no explanation will be able to quell their anger.

The longer and more intensely Nineveh’s conciliatory drive manifests itself, the worse they will fare in the next election.

What ordinary people will not understand is why the hell this absurd collaboration is being done, for what purpose.

There is no one to tell them.

The party elites have long since lost the desire to communicate sincerely with the party “common people”.

Even the MPs are put in a humiliating mode: to survive from the cradle in the Parliament and only to serve their leaders.

And worst of all, the party leaders found themselves completely helpless when faced with extra-system players – right-wing cabals who claimed power for their own business projects.

It was precisely with this idea that the people of Kirchov entered Bulgarian politics.

Why Nineveh and Hr. obsequiously silent about some oddities of the Recovery Plan, in which it is easy to see how subservient the Authority is to one’s corporate interests.

This plan is the golden feeder for some local oligarchs.

And the picture that emerges is quite painful: the party leaders will nibble something from the manger for the political cattle, the rest – the golden streams – are directed where they should.

Well, this is one of the reasons – while they complain about the desperate need for a new cabinet – they don’t mention the “common people” at all.

Give the unfortunates 25 cents for gas and some long-depreciated leva for the rest – and let’s not waste time with them anymore.

By the way, Ninova gives Kircho and Asen too much seriousness, they don’t deserve it. Nor do they need it.

They are arranged differently: quick accounts, quick hits and that’s it, something like the philosophy of the market in Iliantsi.

Can a country be run this way?

It is quite possible – an example of this is the scandalous memorandum for one billion dollars with the American company Gemcorp, which turned out to be rather Russian, of businessmen especially close to Putin.

Only the suspicions of our special services forced Kircho to abandon the deal – against which our Russophobes did not say a word.

I watched a very interesting interview on BTV – it was conducted by the temporary anchors of the central news, Victoria Goteva and Ivaylo Vezenkov.

They, on the other hand, seemed to have played this role all their lives, and they did it perfectly.

They had invited an expert from “Open Society” and Vasil Velev, chairman of the Management Board of the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria.

Velev put up with the expert for a while and said: “This is nonsense!”

And then we learned some curious details of our gas vicissitudes.

The most scandalous of them is that because of our refusal of a long-term contract with Gazprom, we lose BGN 125 million every month.

Velev: “We are renouncing a long-term contract that gives us stability and in which 30% of the price is as it is for Azeri gas. That is, monthly, at these prices, we lose about BGN 125 million from this refusal of ours. And if someone wants to pretend to be a man, a great brave and stubborn, let it not be at our expense!”

This is how a poor country commits suicide – and it has already been discussed how some leaders “suicide” their parties.

And how does one become a Russophobe – it’s time for Misho Bilalov to ask this question in “Get Rich”.

When your teeth chatter from the cold – will you become Russophobes or Russophiles?

Well, at least you will have plenty of bananas – because Bulgarian democracy has run out of free banana eating.

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