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The provision entered into force from today

A partial state of emergency in the municipalities of Costrengrad and Topolovgrad was announced by the regional governor of Haskovo, Eng. Minko Angelov. A similar measure was also introduced in the municipalities of Burgas and Yambol, NOVA learned. The state of emergency is in effect today and will remain in effect until 12 noon on 29 September.

The reason: the complicated situation due to the increase in migratory pressure along the Bulgarian-Turkish border and the poor condition of the forest roads in the border areas. According to Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivan Demerdzhiev, who conducted an on-site inspection, 50 percent of the cars involved in the fight against illegal traffic are constantly being repaired, on which a lot of money is spent.

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The purpose of the partial state of emergency is also to avoid the loss of human life, not to allow significant damage to the assets of the population and the country’s economy, as well as to prevent the consequences for the environment.

“In order to cope with the wave of migrants, which is growing every day, we must have the conditions for moving our equipment in the field. This is currently impossible. We are ready to start repairing these roads within two weeks.” , Demerdzhiev said.

Another measure against illegal trafficking along the border will be the joint patrolling of border and forest police officers.

Demerdzhiev also commented on the inspection after the Burgas incident, in which two policemen died. It’s not over yet, but there will be a reshuffle of staff at the top of local services next week.

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