Doors open to child and youth vaccination on February 25 at the Juan XXIII health center

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Doors open to child and youth vaccination on February 25 at the Juan XXIII health centerPilar Cortes

With the objective of improve vaccination coverage of the population Attached to its basic area, the Juan XXIII health center in Alicante carries out this Saturday, February 25, from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., a day of open doors to vaccination without appointment. They are going to inoculate doses of vaccines against measles, tetanus, chickenpox, human papillomavirus or covid-19. “We have focused this day on the child and youth population since it is essential increase the vaccination rate to individually protect each of the children and young people and also create a group immunity that defends the entire neighborhood against infections”, indicates the Nursing coordinator of the center, Loreto Cruz.

To spread this community health initiative posters have been made and messages have been launched on social networks and it has been requested involve the community of this neighborhood, characterized by its multiculturalism and high rate of immigrant population. with the motto “Protect them” parents and guardians of children and young people between the ages of 5 and 18 are asked to come that day to vaccinate their children and to do so with the SIP health card and the vaccination if available. Minors who are going to be vaccinated must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, who will have to authorize the inoculation.

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Vaccination day poster

“Vaccines protect the body from developing infectious diseases and thanks to childhood vaccination, its incidence has been considerably reduced, with which the rate of infant mortality and morbidity has also been lowered in all countries”, he comments. Fabiola Marrades, director of the Primary Care Nursing Department Department of Health Alicante-Sant Joan d’Alacant, to which the Juan XXIII health center is attached.

“It is the most effective prevention strategy that we health professionals have to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases, vaccines provide individual and collective immunity and used to eradicate disease”, he concludes.

“It is the most effective prevention strategy available to health professionals to reduce the incidence of infectious diseases”

Fabiola Marrades. Director of Primary Care Nursing at the Alicante-Sant Joan de Alicante Health Department

This department is characterized by a intense promotion of walk-in vaccinationwith various campaigns in recent months to promote immunization against flu and covid through mass vaccination days for the entire population regardless of their health area. Thus, they performed one before Christmas with a view to prevention in family interactions typical of the holidays and another in January, in its nine health centers, four of them in the Alicante capital and the others in various towns in l’Alacantí.

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