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Doctors Surprised To See Monkey Pox Sufferers With Woles Riding Train in Spain

Doctors were surprised to find the reaction of monkeypox sufferers when they were educated.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — A photo that has gone viral on social media shows a person with a rash full of bodies traveling by train. In the midst of the outbreak of cases monkey pox all over Europe, that person looks relax, while the people around him also don’t really care about it.

The photo was taken in a public transportation Metro Madrid, Spain. A surgeon from Venezuela, Dr. Arturo Henriques, happened to be in the same carriage. He was surprised to see a man with a monkeypox rash in a crowded carriage.

“On July 15 at around 6:20 a.m. (local time). The man boarded the train at Legazpi Station. He was completely covered in injuries from head to toe, including his hands,” said Dr Henriques, quoted by Antara. The SunWednesday (3/8/2022).

At that time, Dr. Henriques saw the people around the man looked not afraid at all. Finally, he approached the man to determine whether the man had monkeypox or not.

“I approached the man carefully and asked him what he was doing on the Metro when he had monkeypox. His response was, ‘Yes, I have it, but my doctor didn’t tell me I should stay home. He just told me to wear a mask,” he said.

“I told him that the wounds all over his body were the most contagious. I said, “I’m a doctor and you may not understand all your doctor’s advice,” he said again. However, the man’s response was surprising. He even told Dr. Henriques to leave.

“I talked to the woman sitting next to her. I asked, “Mom, aren’t you worried that you might catch it?” She replied, “How would I have caught it if I wasn’t gay? The government says that it is gays who have to be vigilant,” said Dr Henriques.

Spain’s head of health noted that there were 4,298 cases of monkeypox and two deaths. In fact, anyone can be infected with monkeypox, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or sexuality, although monkeypox is currently spreading among gay people.

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