Woman in Georgia admits to contracting monkeypox through money, is it really possible?

A woman in Georgia who works at a gas station admits she contracted monkeypox through money. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — A Georgian citizen, Camille Seaton, claimed to have recovered from monkeypox, but was still traumatized by leaving the house. He also told how he first contracted monkeypox. His first symptoms were on July 11, 2022, when […]

Sores Appears on Fingers, Face, and Mouth

Jakarta – A man in England, Lake Javan, shared his bitter experience of being exposed to monkeypox. He had injuries to his fingers and face. Through his Twitter account with more than 27 thousand followers, he reminded people that monkeypox really exists and is not just a joke. “If I had the chance to get […]

Rash and Itchy Skin Appears, Signs of Monkeypox? Here’s the IDI explanation

Jakarta – Although until now Indonesia has not recorded a single confirmed case of monkeypox, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) highlighted the risk of spreading and symptoms of monkeypox virus infection. Given, the symptoms of the disease can be similar to other skin diseases such as bacterial infections (impetigo). The head of the PB IDI […]

Ganjar: The Result of the Suspected Monkeypox Examination is Negative

PCR test on suspected monkeypox in Central Java showed negative results REPUBLIKA.CO.ID BOYOLALI – Governor of Central Java Pranowo reward disclose the results of an examination of a suspected patient monkey pox already out. The results of the examination stated that the person concerned was negative. “Yesterday there was one indication, the PCR result was […]

Doctors Surprised To See Monkey Pox Sufferers With Woles Riding Train in Spain

Doctors were surprised to find the reaction of monkeypox sufferers when they were educated. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — A photo that has gone viral on social media shows a person with a rash full of bodies traveling by train. In the midst of the outbreak of cases monkey pox all over Europe, that person looks relax, […]

Are People Who Have Had Chickenpox Still At Risk Of Getting Monkeypox?

KOMPAS.com – monkey pox or monkeypox can infect anyone of all ages. However, there are some groups that are considered more susceptible to infection monkey pox. The groups most at risk for monkeypox are people who live with or have a history of close contact (including sexual contact) with someone infected with monkeypox and people […]