5 tips for a safe diet for diabetics, suitable if you want to lose weight and get rid of a bloated stomach!

SOREANG NEWSPAPER – For people with diseases diabetesyou don’t have to worry if you want to downgrade body weighthere are the suggestions diet which is safe and you can do it.

It should be noted that the disease diabetes It is a disease in which the blood sugar level in a person’s body is high.

What should the patient do? diabetes when you want diet minor body weight to keep blood sugar awake?

Below are 5 tips diet safe for sufferers diabetes what can you do so that body weight down at the same time can be leveled bloated stomach.

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Reported by the Promkes page Ministry of Healthhere are 5 tips diet for the sick diabetes to lower body weight at the same time smooth bloated stomach.

1. Expand it to consume foods that contain fiber and complex carbohydrates

Advice diet The first thing the patient has to do diabetes if you want to turn down body weight at the same time smooth bloated stomach is to increase the consumption of foods rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates.

Foods rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates tend to take longer to digest.

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