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Discussion – Around 20 surveys have been published in the last 3 months

As the date for the July 5 extraordinary elections draws near, polling firms spur with the publication of opinion polls, mainly among candidates at the presidential level, with around 20 published in the last three months, most in May.

In that period, some firms have published more than one survey, interviewing between 400 and 3,000 people over the age of 18, according to published information.

The state of emergency and the social distancing measures ordered by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, forced them to change the procedure used to find out the intention of the voters, which is why most of the interviews were conducted through non-contact channels. , like the internet and the phone.

The polling firms endorsed by the Central Electoral Board (JCE) are obliged, by law, to specify the name and address of the entity that carried out the survey and the one that commissioned it, but in the information on the polls collected by the The media these data only appear in two.

In one of the surveys carried out by the Cibao Economic Center (CED), it is specified that it was financed by the same firm, while the one carried out by Horizon Research indicates that it was paid by Cr Auto Collission, located in Filadelphia, United States.

Law 15-19, on the electoral regime, does not impose on survey companies the type of procedure that they must use to select respondents, but it does require them to identify the one they used in the publication, as well as other technical characteristics, such as the sampling method, sample size, margin of error, level of representativeness and date of fieldwork.

Polling firms have until June 27 for the publication of these studies, according to the schedule prepared by the full JCE. 61 companies are authorized to carry out surveys for electoral purposes, which were approved by the full JCE between April 2019 and February 2020, including 10 that have published polls between March and May.

Because the presidential and legislative level elections, which were constitutionally set for May 17, were postponed to July 5, due to the coronavirus, the Board had to modify the electoral calendar. Before, the deadline for the publication of the surveys was May 9.


Surveys have been published by the Cibao Economic Center (CEC), Interdisciplinary Consulting in Development CID Latin America, Market Reports, Asisa, Sistemas Globales, SRL (SISGLO), ABC Marketing Consulting and Advice, Marketing and Associates Research Center (CIMERAN), Horizon Research, APD Consulting Group, Greenberg and Mark Penn / Stagwell.


The electoral law prohibits the publication of polls during the 8 days before the elections.

Voting records


The Board reported that for the presidential and congressional elections on July 5, a total of 5,381 scanners will be used to send images of the voting records of the electoral colleges.

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