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Al-Marsad Newspaper: Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, the preachers of the mosques in the regions of the Kingdom, dedicating the next Friday sermon, corresponding to 13/06/1444 AH, to talk about the danger of drugs according to the following axes:

1/ The obligation to educate young people on the dangers of drugs of different types and names, the most dangerous of which is (shabu), which is a chemical substance that has devastating effects on the human central and nervous system (the mind) and on the immune system.

2/ The obligation to report smugglers, drug dealers and drug users.

3/ Statement of the truth about drug dealers and that they work according to an external agenda that caters to members of society, both citizens and residents.

4/ Commend the efforts of customs officers, drug enforcers, security men and honest citizens who work to protect society from the scourge of drugs and pray for their success, aid and preservation and the need to cooperate with them in protect society from this scourge and its promoters.

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